Culinary Journey to Mexico at Playa Mesa Restaurant

Mario Marovic owns Dory Deli, The Stag Bar and Malarky’s in Newport Beach, and he recently purchased the Newport Beach Brewing Company with plans to renovate the building and continue brewing quality beer.

Marovic and business partner Andrew Gabriel expanded their culinary empire six years ago when they opened Wild Goose Tavern on 17th Street in Costa Mesa. Their next 17th Street venture, The Country Club, opened last December in the spot formerly occupied by Pierce Street Annex bar.

Now, the duo have completed a 17th Street trifecta by opening Playa Mesa Mexican Restaurant in the space once occupied by Ruby’s.

“With Playa Mesa, we wanted a place where everyone felt comfortable in a relaxing setting, whether dining with family, celebrating a special occasion, or just out for drinks with friends,” said Marovic. “Deciding on Mexican cuisine was the obvious choice and great addition to the area.”

An obvious choice if you have executive chef Rolando Rubalcava, formerly at Taco Maria, in the kitchen.  

“The menu is very traditional Mexican,” noted Marovic. “A lot of Mexican restaurants in California might have some similar things on the menu, but we have things that most Hispanics will recognize and most regular Americans won’t, lots of traditional dishes that …